Why do so many bloggers live in Portland? Loads of them do, seriously. It must be blogger paradise. I bet they all sit around and have LAN parties and motivational workshops all the time there. Do you think it’s Portland that creates these people or does it attract them like magnets or flies?


What the Pros are Doing

Jonathan Mead has been gabbing on lately about how your environment is conducive to being a success above everything else. He’s been saying it in the context of a new product he’s launching, but I bet it’s just an ebook that says “move to Portland” on every page.



But if there’s anything I’ve learnt from the hours and hours of time I’ve spent reading mildly popular blogs instead of getting a decent job, it’s that sometimes you just have to buck the trend and do something totally controversial.So, here is my one-point-plan:</p>
  1. Fuck Portland

The Power Is In Your Hands

Soon I’m going to be releasing a free ebook on how to fuck Portland. If you want to be one of only 293 people* in with an exclusive first view of it, make sure to follow me on Twitter! I’m @neonpaul

*excludes the millions of other people on the internet who are able to view my public twitter feed.


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