So we’re coming to the end of 2011, and all of the blogs are starting to do that “what I did in the past 12 months” post. I’m going to do it slightly differently.

Home sweet home

I’m at my Dad’s house for Christmas this year. I sat down with my brother Adam today and we both tried to come up with lists of what we did this year.

Adam’s currently studying for his GCSEs and at first he wasn’t sure he had any accomplishments other than having a good round of mock exams.

But we had a good think and came up with a bunch of other things he’s done. Trampolining, making music, work experience, arts and crafts, all sorts of things.

Value yourself

No matter how boring you think your life is, there are always things you can be proud of. However small it is.

And if there really genuinely isn’t anything? Here’s a secret: it doesn’t even matter. Some people love making lists, but you don’t need reams of achievements and goals to feel like you have any value. Just meet yourself where you are.

On the other hand

On the other hand if you’re the type of person who tends to steam ahead, then become down and disillusioned when you burn out, stopping to look at where you’ve come from can be a really uplifting activity, and can help to give you some direction for the future. Meeting yourself where you are.

Your List

So I’d like to hear from you now. What are some of the things you’ve done in the past year? They don’t have to be big things, they can be tiny little things, as long as you feel good that you’ve done them. Just drop them there into the comments!