Well 2012 I think is going to be a year of habits.

Internet blogger Leo Babauta is a little bit of an inspiration to me. Bits of advice I picked up from his blog, Zen Habits, sort of helped me do a lot of the things I’ve done in the past couple of years, and helped me to figure out various things about myself that I’m really quite grateful for knowing.

New year’s habits.

So Leo rejects the ideas of new year’s resolutions or goals. Instead he recommends trying to get into a new habit, and relishing the journey rather than being miserable because you wish you were at the destination.

Leo Babauta

Leo Babauta, the man himself

For one thing, when you set goals, they are often arbitrary, and so you are spending all your effort working towards a basically meaningless number. And then if you don’t achieve it, you feel like you failed, even if the number was arbitrary to start with.

Leo Babauta on goals.

Hopefully after a while you’ll feel that you’re in the groove and your new habit will be, well, habitual. Then you can effortlessly continue doing that thing for the rest of your life – and get into another new habit using the same method.


I love this idea because its focus is naturally on where you are now as opposed to goals, that demand you be at a certain place within a certain amount of time, regardless of what happens in between now and then – and can put an unnecessary stress in your mind.

And if you drop the habit? Well you’ve still made progress, you’ve failed gracefully (it’s a good thing- more about this in a later post!), and you don’t feel bad about not meeting some imaginary quota.


So my first habit of 2012 is the one Leo’s proposed in his most recent post – start off 5 minutes of exercise per day, increasing by 5 minutes whenever I stop feeling the burn.


Do you think you could apply this to your own resolutions? What are some things you might give a go? Did you have a good new year’s eve?