So I have all these limes to hold, right? It’s tough because there are more limes than I can hold in my arms at once.

Seriously, what do you do when you have so many limes?

1. Juggle Them

You learn to juggle. Put the limes aside for a bit and pick up a book on how to juggle limes. I was/am reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done, which is all about creating a system that you can use to juggle all your limes.

2. Throw Some Away

While I’m learning to juggle, maybe it’s best to stick a few of these limes in the compost (or in the fridge and I can get them out later).  Still, there are a couple of fairly big limes that I really want to hold that I just can’t bear to throw away.

3. Give Them To Someone Else

Hey, two people juggling 3 limes each has got to be easier than one person trying to juggle six limes, right?

4. Make Limeonade

If you cut the limes up so small that they actually become liquid you can easily down a glass of that stuff all in one go.

The thing about most of these solutions is that sometimes you just have to step back from your limes and think about it a little bit.