I’m glad to have left London. London, to me, has become symbolic of centralisation. There is a black hole effect: money, people, culture, and power are all drawn into one place, and the more more of it that gathers the more attractive it becomes. But these resources are moved from other places in the country, leaving smaller cities and towns increasingly desolate. Not that Leeds is exactly rural, but I do at least feel like I’ll be able to make more of a difference there.

This idea is also the reason I’m trying to boycott tech giants. Bezos doesn’t care if a single person has decided not to use his shop, it’s a drop in the ocean for him. But if I instead buy that hammer from my local hardware store, I’m helping someone afford their rent. And that money stays in the local economy for longer too, instead of sitting in some billionaire’s bank account doing nothing.

Likewise Jack Dorsey doesn’t mind if one person drops off of his ad-powered social network, but if instead I run a node on a non-profit decentralised network, I’m giving people a social space free from the pressures of capitalism and lax moderation. It’s small but people are grateful for it.