I’m starting a radical anti-capitalist ethical technology group in Leeds.

The problem

If we want to see real positive social change in our lifetimes there’s no doubt we need to organise at the grassroots level.

Unfortunately for most people that means using the services of Facebook, Twitter, Google and similar multinational corporations. Corporations that don’t pay taxes, abuse their workers, who facilitate and even actively encourage the political right.

I understand why: these companies’ platforms are often familiar and easy to use, and have a huge existing userbase. Small grassroots organisations only have so much capacity - understandably they want to spend their time organising, not thinking about technology choices or maintaining accounts on obscure platforms with few discernable benefits.

But I believe we cannot be effective when our means of communication are owned and mediated by capitalist corporations and their opaque algorithms, whose very existence could be threatened by mass organisation.

Anti-capitalist Tech Support

I want to start a local grassroots ethical technology group, aiming to promote ethical technology choices, run open source platforms for local people and organisations, and provide support to those who want to make the switch.

I feel it’s important that this is a geographically-focussed venture. Locality gives us something to organise around, and makes it easier to directly reach people.

Get in touch

This idea certainly needs more fleshing out, but that can’t start until we find more people to take part. If you’re interested in joining a project like this, either in Leeds or elsewhere, please get in touch: email hello@mrkiddle.co.uk or message me on mastodon at @paul@kith.kitchen.