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Make libraries, not platforms

When Mastodon and Activitypub started to gather momentum as an alternative to Twitter, we saw a number of other developers decide to jump on the bandwagon. Instagram had Pixelfed, YouTube had Peertube, and there are plenty other lesser known or failed projects aiming to replicate existing social media giants.

Those that see the light of day are generally because their developer had the privilege of free time to invest. But is that the best investment of their time?

The result of these projects is inevitably a tightly coupled monolith, with few if any easily-reusable parts despite the platforms having plenty of functionality that could be useful across other projects. Meanwhile, plenty of other developers have smart ideas that we haven't seen before but no time to implement it all from scratch, and useful libraries hard to find or highly opinionated.

To have a truly diverse web we need to care more about giving back to the development community, and stop just racing to the finish, leaving fellow devs in the dirt.